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Contrada Madonna della Nova, 72017

Ostuni, BR IT

Phone: +39 333 940 0275

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Our history…

Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a rich Lord of Naples had a majestic fortress made of Lecce stone built in honor of his mother Giulia in the splendid territory of Ostuni, in particular on land where a Trullo already stood, dated 1600 (the current Trullo Aurora).

This Lord, however, had no heirs therefore this hidden treasure was abandoned for many years...


During the world wars, it was used by soldiers as a military lookout, as it stands on a hill from which you can see the Apulian sea.

Once the war was over, Rocca Giulia appeared almost like a forgotten place... until 1994.

It is precisely the summer of 1994 that changes the lives of Pierluigi and Annamaria Zanoni and the fate of an abandoned fortress.

“It was a completely casual and unexpected meeting. Only the perimeter walls remained of the ancient structure, nature had reclaimed the land stolen by man, but the magic of that place remained in the air, we felt a presence...

...a benevolent presence that encouraged us, in the silence of the sunset. That day we began to dream.

Today that dream has become reality. That old Rocca has come back to life, the only protagonist of a unique landscape where time has stopped and where everything seems to take on different meanings. A dream in which the rhythms, smells and atmosphere are special. An aid to the spirit and mind.  


Ostuni is a very ancient city, with a very rich artistic and cultural heritage, partly still to be discovered.

The historic center preserves its medieval structure intact with a labyrinth of streets, arches, narrow passages, all surrounded by a beautiful city wall.

The name "White City" derives from the use of white lime, with which the city's houses are painted, interrupted by the ocher facades of ancient buildings, churches, convents and the imaginative portals that enhance the beauty of the local stone.

Ostuni has been a city of art since 1998.  

logo ostuni
logo ostuni